At Three Principles Jerusalem, we aim to share with you a revolutionary understanding of the psychology of mind and allow you to experience the gift of a happier and healthier life. 

Psychology has always struggled with the seeming complexities of the human mind. We believe, however, that when one looks beyond psychology to the spiritual essence inherent in the human psyche, we uncover underlying principles that provide a far simpler explanation to the workings of the human experience.

And, when teaching this understanding, we have seen miracles. We have seen people with a history of years of clinical depression find a lighter and more hopeful future for themselves in a matter of days. We have seen addicts overcome their deeply ingrained habits without much additional effort. We have seen people with all sorts of ‘disorders’ learn to engage in life in a way they never thought possible. 

Fundamentally, we do not see people as ‘mentally ill’ or ‘dysfunctional’.  We see them as pure and resilient, people who have simply become innocent victims of what they’ve always known to be true but isn’t. Waking up to a new understanding is waking up to a whole new experience of life.

Practitioners and clients alike, we have seen the results.

We do not tell people what to do, what to think or how to be. We don't have to. We simply look to point people in an inward direction and show them how to access their own wisdom and strength to stand up with grace in the face of life’s challenges.  

Here at Three Principles Jerusalem, we believe that everyone has their own innate health. People just lose sight of that sometimes. But we want to bring you back home.


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