Community Nights

Our community nights now take place monthly in Rechavia, Jerusalem. The community nights are for anyone and everyone, from people who are new to these ideas, to people who have been learning this for a while and want to deepen their understanding further. 

It's a great opportunity to learn and meet new people in our relaxed and interactive setting. 

The classes take place in the Matnas, 38 Ussishkin, Rechavia and cost 20nis.

See below for upcoming classes:

30th January 2019

Chana Studley and Sue Lachman - Physical Pain without Suffering

8.30 - 9.30pm

Chana had chronic back pain for 20 years after being paralyzed and is now pain free. Sue is recovering from Chemo and operations for cancer and yet through the three principles they both had a profound insight when they saw the truth about where their experience of was coming from

14th November 2018

8.30 - 9.30pm

Chana Studley and Shifra Chesler - “De-stressing Stress - Finding the Missing Peace

Day to day life can feel stressful, whether it's with exams, kids finances or relationships... We find stress everywhere! But does it have to be that way? Come along to our relaxing and interactive community night to explore the missing 'peace' that is possible to find within the stress.

9th May

8.30 - 9.30pm

Raizel Druxman and Shifra Chesler - "Finding your feet in the social setting"

It's very reassuring to know that there are other people like us and we aren't alone in our experiences of life. Especially when it comes to social interactions because we tend to base our value on our ability to connect with others, have friends or simply to be liked by others.


Even though it looks like it at times, your feelings of inadequacy are not tied to your social status. Your feelings are coming from thought in the moment and that is always perfectly okay. We ALL experience those feelings at times.

Come and join us for a discussion to see how you can find your feet in the social setting.



25th April

8.30 - 9.30

Raizel Druxman and Shifra Chesler - "Breaking through to confidence"

We've all grown up with ideas about ourselves - who we are, who we think we are, who we think we should be, who we think other people think we are or should be (it gets complicated!) and the list goes on.

We've also grown up with input that tells us that our worth is based on external things, looks, grades, finances etc... and even if we know intellectually that only we can raise our self-esteem, it so often eludes us.

Join Shifra Chesler and Raizel Druxman in a discussion about breaking through our insecurity into our natural confidence (which is our human birthright!) right now, without having to rely on people or things to build us up.


21st February


Community night with Rabbi Akiva Rosenblatt and Shifra Chesler - "Growing up with the understanding of The Three Principles"

Come along and hear how growing up with the understanding of the Three Principles / Innate Health helped Rabbi Akiva Rosenblatt and Shifra Chesler (Rosenblatt), through different ages and stages of life. It is sure to bring you a lot of insight in to the understanding into how we experience life.


Jan 24th, 8.30pm

Tania Elfersy - How midlife changes you and why it's a good thing

Emotional instability, insomnia, frequent migraines, night sweats and hot flashes, aches and pains, skin problems, brain fog, weight gain… these are just some of the changes that many women experience during perimenopause (the period of up to 10 years prior to menopause), menopause and beyond.

Is this the only change midlife offers us?

Why does this part of our natural life cycle create such discomfort and upheaval in so many women’s lives?  

Are women designed to malfunction in their 40s and 50s, and should we blame our hormones?

Tania Elfersy will share her knowledge about the secrets of midlife that no-one is talking about. You’ll discover how physical and emotional symptoms are not the main story of change at midlife but rather signs that your body is trying to get your attention, so that it can guide you through a very different midlife journey.

Jan 24th, 8.30pm

David Weinberg and Shifra Chesler - We all have different obviouses

We all know people that are easier to get on with than others. Then there are people that are just plain annoying. In truth, we can even annoy ourselves when we come up against the things we can't and won't do. What if it was possible to have that same ease with anyone and everything?

Take for example the patience you have when explaining a process to your customers compared to how infuriated you get when that certain colleague again asks you to explain why something is done a certain way. I truly believed the difference was down to the belief that the colleague should obviously understand it by now but your customer is expected to question things outside their skill set.

The root issue is the thoughts we hold as true and assume others do too. These are our obviouses and their nature is to catch us out so we can't imagine an alternative reality. The source of obviouses is our own thinking but they have a big impact on our relationships with others and ourselves.

When we can identify and appreciate the nature and source of the things we hold true they will drop away leaving more natural relationships and inner freedom. More ease and less restriction. This week we will be considering that these difficulties are created and solved through our understanding of thought. That this can be straight forward and painless.

Click here for David and Shifra's Bios.


Jan 7th, 8.30pm

Short taster of Julian's talk

Julian Fraser and Jeremy Bogush - From OA to depression, one solution to all 'problems'

Julian was an overweight over eater and Jez suffered acute anxiety and depression yet they both found their way back to physical and emotional health through the same means - a universal and profound understanding of the Three Principles.

Julian played an instrumental role in establishing both Tikun and the Innate Health Centre; organisations guiding people towards wisdom and wellbeing with the Three Principles firmly at their core. He is currently a member of the Planning Committee for Life 2.0, the world’s biggest Three Principles conference, where he holds the key organisational role of Operations Director.
His biggest personal insight was that he could allow life to become a smoother, effortless and more joyful experience. Seeing his reactive patterns and thinking from a distance, he changed from the angry ‘bear with a sore head’ into someone enjoying life with a smile on his face. This also led him to a complete change in his physical appearance and lifestyle, losing 8 stones (50 kilos) and running three marathons.
Julian completed the 3 Principles Professional Institute in 2012 and has been a Practitioner for several years. He is now a co-founder of the Principles Practice.


Jeremy has been around the 3 principles understanding for 4 years. Prior to this he struggled for many years with acute depression and anxiety trying many different routes to alleviate his suffering including counselling, medication, NLP, CBT, Psychiatry etc. Nothing was able to help him on a sustained basis.  

A the end of his tether Jeremy was introduced to Julian Fraser. Over a short period of time this fundamental, profound and powerful understanding had a deep impact enabling Jeremy not just to cope with life but thrive - something he deemed an impossibility previously.  

Jeremy has recently exited his company in order to help share this understanding in the world of business and mental health. He is married with 2 children and lives close to London. 



Dec 27th, 8.30pm

Mark Spiro - "is it hard to forgive?"

Forgiveness is one of those things that we look at as a lot of work. But is it really? Can it be simple? Come along and hear how through an understanding of The Three Principles, forgiveness can occur effortlessly.

Rabbi Mark Spiro brings more than 25 years of organizational, teaching and counseling experience to bear in his role as Executive Director of LivingJudaism. Originally from New Rochelle, NY, Rabbi Spiro attended Cornell University School of Architecture and Aish HaTorah’s College of Jewish studies in Jerusalem, where he received his rabbinic ordination in 1989. He has since served in leadership roles in numerous communities around the world, including as Assistant Director of Aish’s advanced study program in Jerusalem, Educational Director of Aish HaTorah in Washington D.C. and South Florida, and Executive Director of Aish HaTorah in San Francisco.

Rabbi Spiro has 4 children. When not working, he enjoys getting outdoors to mow the lawn, hiking, skiing, music, and martial arts.