I was just wondering some things...

How are the Three Principles different from traditional therapy?

Whilst conventional therapy tends to deal with the content of one’s experience, how to ease them and make them better, Innate Health points to the fundamental truths behind one’s experience, so that no matter what one is going through there is always the same understanding of the principles at play.  Innate Health offers an educational approach rather than a therapeutic one, and believes that with awareness and education, one finds the key to mental health.

Some people seem to go through an immediate transformation once they have learned about Innate Health. Is this true for everyone?

The Principles are about gaining insight into a deeper truth. As practitioners, we cannot create insight; we merely point people in that direction, aiming to get them to see things that have never occurred to them before. Therefore, whilst immediate transformation is common amongst some, others may take a bit longer to see these ideas at play and to fully appreciate them.

From what age can kids start learning this?

The Principles, in their simplicity, are actually something that kids often catch on to a lot quicker than adults! Children are inherently resilient and tend to move on quickly. But as people mature, they tend to start taking life a lot more seriously, holding on to old thinking and resisting new ideas and change.  Here at Innate Health Israel, we start teaching them from aged 7.

Are the Principles really so simple?

They sure are! For some reason, we humans love making life complicated, but the power of these ideas lie in their simplicity.

I am quite happy with the status quo that is my life. Would I still be able to gain from this? What would you suggest I attend?

These ideas are about the psychology of the human mind. Therefore, at Innate Health Israel, we have found that anyone and everyone will gain something. We would suggest attending a foundation course if you are just curious to find out what this is all about. (and we are sure you'll surprise yourself at how much you'll learn!)

I run a business and I am looking to create a pleasant vibe between employees and clients. I find that the employees get stressed by workloads and end up achieving less. Would you be able to help?

We sure can! We run tailor made courses for businesses that focus on teaching employees communication and listening skills as well as stress and workload management. 

My friend is an alcoholic, he has been drinking for about 5 years and when he is not drinking he is on drugs. He has tried do many things and I feel that he is just a lost cause. What would you say?

We strongly believe that nobody is a “lost cause”, people’s innate wisdom and well being is untouchable. Although they can lose sight of it, sometimes even for a long period of time, it is never lost. Here are Innate Health Israel, we aim to guide them towards rediscovering this wellbeing and understanding where it comes from..

I am struggling financially at the moment, would you still be able to help me?

We will never turn people away due to lack of funds.

What are the other names for The Principles?

We utilise a set of three universal principles and therefore this is the name we go by. Other places call this approach Innate Health. The Oxford English dictionaries’ definition of ‘innate’ is ‘inborn, natural,’ and this approach is based on educating people that well-being already exists within all of us. Another term used is ‘Health Realisation,’ since, as the name implies, one wakes up to a realisation of one’s own health. If you see these names used, or derivatives such as ‘innate well-being,’ they all refer to the same approach.