We want our children to be happy and to go through life with the confidence and ability to achieve their goals. Our child and youth programs unlock this potential by teaching them the secret to finding their own wellbeing.

Give your child, or a child in your care, the gift of Innate health. 

We have a range of programs on offer:


Derived from corporate leadership practices and evidence-based concepts, the S.P.A.R.K. Mentoring program was developed in 2010 to promote well-being and self-sufficiency in the lives of our community's most vulnerable, at-risk youth.

The mentoring program is made up of different components: 

Core Classes: Both during and after school hours. 

Topics Include: Mentoring and Effective Leadership, Character Building, Stress and Insecurity Management, Decision Making, the Power of Thought, Diversity Appreciation, Building Healthy Relationships, Bullying, Academic Success, College Readiness, Career Readiness, Community Engagement, Volunteering and Financial Stability.

One-on-One Mentoring:  A unique opportunity for students to receive individual guidance from their mentors throughout the school year.

Parent/Teacher Involvement: Keep up to date with what your children/students are learning with our informative workshops held at various times throughout the school year. 


The after-school activity clubs run in various towns throughout Jerusalem. As we teach the children learn about The Three Principles through games, discussions, crafts and sports, our hands-on approach encourages learning through enjoyable activities and camaraderie. This ensures that after a full day of school our students are still engaged and able to learn. You’ll be amazed at what these kids can pick up! 


Hear what the kids have to say!


"Before a test I always knew the material really well but when I got to it I got all nervous and I could never remember anything! I was always upset with my grades because I knew the material. When I started this program I came to realise what was happening to me and I started to not pay so much attention to all the annoying unhelpful thoughts in my head. I am now getting the grades that I am capable of which makes me really happy" - Tamar, age 13
"I used to get really mad at my friends and family. I now learned the way thought works and I don't get tricked by it so much! When I am mad it is because of my thoughts and I also learned that there is a spark inside everyone which means that inside I have so many good ideas and I can do so many things if I want to". - Sarah, age 10