SHIFRA CHESLER grew up in London as a proud daughter of Rabbi Shaul and Chana Rosenblatt, founders of Tikun’s Innate Health Centre in London and long-standing teachers of the 3 Principles. No stranger to the Principles, Shifra later took to formally studying this approach,  graduating from London’s One Thought Practitioners’ Training Institute and then completed a BA in Childhood and Youth Studies. Shifra remembers some of the challenges she had to face as a young child, and how the Principles empowered her with the grace and resilience to deal with them head-on.  Now all she wants to do, she says, is share them with the world and help people to lead easier and happier lives. Shifra loves working with all kinds of people, but with several years’ background in teaching primary school-aged children (and informally incorporating the Principles into her teaching), Shifra has grown to become particularly passionate about sharing these ideas with kids and teens.  Shifra now lives with her husband and daughter in Jerusalem, Israel where she enjoys facilitating further teaching and learning of the Principles. 

To reach Shifra Call: 0587660620 or Email: shifra@3pjerusalem.com



Educator CHANA STUDLEY recovered from PTSD out of sheer desperation by exploring the nature of Thought on her own in the 1980’s. Alongside a very successful Academy Award winning career in Hollywood she has been counselling and coaching people using these ideas ever since.  She now lives in Jerusalem where she helps people find their innate health using the Three Principles. Chana is a certified Life Coach, a graduate of the One Thought Institute and attended the Pransky and Associates Professional Training retreat. She is also a WHO Psychological First Aid Responder.

Her first novel, The Myth of Low Self-Esteem, a story of ptsd, Hollywood and healing is available on amazon.com

 To reach Chana, call: 0584559533 or email: chana@3pjerusalem.com.